Discover the world of music for games

a 2-day series of talks

August 6-7

Puerto Rico Music Conservatory

about the event

Video Game Music Con, Puerto Rico is a 2-day event dedicated to the creation of video game music. If you've ever wanted to write music for your favorite games, this is your chance to start!

Tom Salta Videogame Music Composer ASCAP award winning HALO Deathloop PUBG Composer

main speaker

Our primary keynotes and talks will be led by veteran video game music composer Tom Salta (Halo: Spartan Assault, PUBG, Deathloop).

 In addition, Salta will be offering feedback and listening to music submitted by participants during the first Game Audio Demo Derby held in Puerto Rico!

Get your music reviewed by a world-class composer

Have you already made some of your own music? Then our Demo Derby is the opportunity you've been waiting for! A ticket to the con gives you the chance to submit your work to us, and possibly receive live feedback from composer Tom Salta!


(Participants will be chosen in a first come-first served basis)

How to participate:

1. Buy your ticket on our TicketCenter page .

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3. In your welcome email, you'll recieve a link to a form that you can fill out to participate.

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